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Ab-initio Quantum Transport Simulation of Hetero-Bilayer Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors

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Short Description

Perspective side view of a mono-layer of black phosphorus.
Schematic view of hetero-bilayer TFET.

Mono-layer, so-called two-dimensional (2D), materials with a tunnelable band gap, e.g. phosphorene, are becoming very promising for potentially device applications. Tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) are expected to give rise to a new generation of low-power consumption logic switches. To date, TFETs are being investigated and built from conventional semiconductors, less often from 2D materials. Your task is from first-principles to characterize/study 2D-material-based TFETs, e.g. hetero-bilayer TFETs. The 2D Materials can be defined starting the project according to the student interest.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Master student in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science or related fields
Contact: Hamilton Carrillo-Nunez


Experience with Ab-initio tools (VASP, QUANTUMESPRESSO), but not required


40% Theory
40% Simulations
20% Implementation


Mathieu Luisier
Andreas Schenk

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Detailed Task Description

Project Overview


Practical Details



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