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Andrea Cossettini

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Andrea Cossettini

Andrea Cossettini is a PostDoc at the Integrated Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich, in the Digital Systems group led by Prof. Luca Benini.

He received the PhD and M.Sc. degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Udine (Italy), in 2019 and 2015, respectively. In 2014, he was at Acreo Swedish ICT AB (Kista, Sweden), designing THz waveguide-to-chip transitions. In 2014-2015, he was at Infineon Technologies (Villach, Austria), working on signal integrity for high-speed serial interfaces for automotive microcontroller applications. During the PhD (2015-2019) he worked on nanoelectrode array biosensors for high-frequency impedance spectroscopy and imaging of nano- and micro-particles in electrolyte. He joined ETH Zurich in 2019. His research focus is on circuits and systems design for biomedical applications.


  • High-speed analog/mixed-signal biomedical systems
  • Medical Ultrasound Imaging
  • Systems for ExG signal acquisition
  • Nanoelectronic biosensors

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