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===Status: In Progress ===
===Status: Completed  ===
: David Grand
: David Grand
: Supervision:  [[:User:Brunn | Noé Brun]]
: Supervision:  [[:User:Brunn | Noé Brun]]
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[[#top|↑ top]]
[[#top|↑ top]]
==Detailed Task Description==
==Detailed Task Description==

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Short Description

Using mixed-signal SoCs developed at IIS it is possible to integrate a system to such an extent that its size is small enough to be implantable in rodents for conducting medical research. Despite low power consumption of the system the energy budget is still tight. Previous work at IIS has established a method using infra-red light and a solar cell to recharge the battery. This project should improve and build upon this previous work. The idea is to charge the implant's battery while the animal is in its cage from an IR-LED array, optimally while being tracked by the charging system to optimise charging efficiency.


Experience with hardware design and embedded software

Status: Completed

David Grand
Supervision: Noé Brun


20% Hardware PCB Design
50% Concept & Verification
30% Software


Qiuting Huang

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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