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[[Category:Semester Thesis]]
[[Category:Semester Thesis]]
[[Category:Group Work]]
[[Category:Group Work]]

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Short Description

Our bio-medical instrumentation SoC VivoSoC is capable of measuring Bio-Impedance with the dedicated front-end. In this thesis, the goal is to verify its functionality in order to get to know the principles and the environment. The second part is to conduct experiments to detect breath-rate of humans. Tuning the circuit parameters and finding suited algorithms to obtain the required data is also part of this work.

Things to learn in this Semester-thesis:

Understanding a bit of physiology and bio-medical measurements and instrumentation
Analogue and digital circuit design
Classic engineering tasks
Interesting research field

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester Thesis/Group Work students
Contact: Noé Brun
Contact: Thomas Burger


Experience with hardware design and embedded software is advantageous, but not mandatory
Interest in bio-medical research


40% Testing/Measuring
20% Experiments
40% Algorithm/Signal processing


Qiuting Huang

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Practical Details



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