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High-Speed Channel Estimation & Tracking for V2X Communications

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A general model for channel estimation and tracking using a combining scheme for high mobility scenarios

Short Description

Due to strong multipath fading present in the mobile environment, high speed channel tracking and estimation is required for proper equalization. These equalizers typically rely on accurate channel estimates, estimated from known transmit symbols. Since modern standards invest a considerable portion of the transmitted data to send known training sequences like pilot symbols and midambles, this information has to be fully and efficiently utilized to obtain a reliable channel estimate.

In this project, different channel estimation algorithms have been analyzed and compared with focus on future hardware implementations. Particular attention was paid to the special structures and patterns of the pilots. These structures can be exploited to estimate in very high mobility bsaed on extended Kalman filtering.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester/Master students
Contact: Karim Badawi, Taimir Aguacil


Interest in digital design
Background in signal processing or digital communications
VLSI II (optional)


20% Theory & Simulation
60% ASIC/FPGA Design
20% EDA tools


Qiuting Huang

Practical Details


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