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[[Category:Hot]] [[Category:Energy Efficient Autonomous UAVs]] [[Category:Software]] [[Category:Digital]] [[Category:PULP]] [[Category:Available]] [[Category:Master Thesis]] [[Category:Semester Thesis]] [[Category:Dpalossi]]
[[File:Tiles.png|thumb|right|600px|Example of the Kernelized Correlation Filters method [6].]]
[[File:Tiles.png|thumb|right|600px|Example of the Kernelized Correlation Filters method [6].]]
[[File:Blimp3.png|thumb|right|300px|Model of IIS/TIK nano-blimp prototype.]]
[[File:Blimp3.png|thumb|right|300px|Model of IIS/TIK autonomous nano-blimp prototype.]]

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Example of the Kernelized Correlation Filters method [6].
Model of IIS/TIK autonomous nano-blimp prototype.


More details coming soon...

Status: Available

Available as Master Thesis for one student
Available as Semester Thesis for one or two students
Supervisor: Daniele Palossi
Professor: Luca Benini


  • Familiarity with embedded system programming in C.
  • Basic knowledge of parallel programming and Host/Accelerator paradigm.
  • Basic knowledge of FreeRTOS [2] and STM32F4 MCU family [3] is favorable.


20% Literature and theory study
10% C programming on x86
30% C embedded programming (PULP programming/optimization)
20% Test and verification on the real prototype
20% Experimental evaluation and report writin

Detailed Task Description

Meetings & Presentations

The student(s) and advisor(s) agree on weekly meetings to discuss all relevant decisions and decide on how to proceed. Of course, additional meetings can be organized to address urgent issues.


Practical Details

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