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Simulation of Li-ion batteries and comparison with experimental data

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Implementation of a 2-D model for Li-ion.jpg

Short Description

Improving the storage capacity of batteries is becoming a critical issue in our modern society in order to fully exploit the potential of renewable energies such as wind or solar. Li-ion batteries (LIB) are very promising candidates for this purpose as well as to supply energy to all-electrical vehicles. Prior to reaching these ambitious goals, the materials that constitute the LIB cathode and anode regions must be properly engineered so that high storage capacities are obtained. Based on a 1-D battery simulator that we have recently implemented, the goal of this project is to model realistic LIB devices, validate the results with available experimental data, and propose improved design guidelines.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Semester/Master students
Contact: Mathieu Luisier


Interest in Device Modelling


30% Theory
20% Model Improvement
50% Simulations


Mathieu Luisier

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details