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AXI-based Network on Chip (NoC) system

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Status: Available


As the number of computing cores and accelerators on a single chip is rapidly growing, there is a rising need for scalable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency on-chip communication fabrics. This need is often addressed by deploying networks-on-chip (NoCs) through which the compute cores can communicate, similar to how computers can communicate through the Internet. The nodes that are connected to the NoC usually communicate with (e.g., AMBA AXI, TCDM) that cannot be used on the network layer, hence requiring protocol translation at the border.


In our group, we are currently developing an NoC that can interface with all the AXI IPs we have developed so far in our group. The goal of this project would be to build a system with a mesh NoC and a couple of cores and do the system integration for a potential tapeout. For the verification, low-level software and drivers should be written and tested


  • 30% System Integration
  • 20% Verification
  • 20% Low-level software and drivers
  • 30% Backend implementation


  • Experience with System Verilog, VLSI 1
  • Experience with physical implementation, VLSI 2
  • C programming language experience