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Alias-Free Oscillator Synchronization for Arbitrary Waveforms

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SYNƎTH alias-free oscillator synchronization.

Short Description

Digital sound synthesis is widely used in modern music production, with many popular hardware and software synthesizers from Roland, Nord Keyboard, Waldorf, Native Instruments, Arturia, etc. Many of these synthesizers enable one to synchronize two oscillators, where oscillator 1 resets oscillator 2 after a predetermined period. Oscillator synchronization produces a very unique sound, e.g., as used for the lead synthesizer in Harold Faltermeyer's Fletch Theme [1]. While it is known how to synchronize oscillators generating sawtooth or rectangle functions [2], for example, it is notoriously difficult to synchronize sine waves or other differentiable (or even arbitrary) waveforms without causing aliasing. In fact, aliasing-free synchronization of a simple sine waveform is still ongoing research in 2022 [3].

The goals of this project are to design, optimize, and implement aliasing-free oscillator synchronization of arbitrary waveforms. The ultimate goal is to use the developed method in the Big Fourier Oscillator (BFO) project, to enable aliasing-free oscillator synchronization in real-time.




Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester/Bachelor/Master students
Contact: Christoph Studer


Strong interest in music and audio signal processing
VLSI 2 (recommended but not mandatory)


20% Theory
40% Algorithm development
40% VLSI design


Christoph Studer

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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