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Bandwidth Extension with Carrier Aggregation for Mobile Gigabit-Communication

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Creating Bandwidth Extension with Carrier Aggregation.jpg

Project no Longer Available

Please note that this project is no longer available.

Short Description

The future 4G mobile communication standard LTE-Advanced targets data rates in excess of 1Gbps in the downlink (base-station -> smartphone). These extremely high data rates can be achieved by transmitting over a wide RF band of up to 100MHz. Performing the A/D conversion for such a wide signal band is challenging. In addition, it appears very unlikely to have a continuous 100MHz-wide portion of the spectrum available. It is therefore desirable to split the spectrum into several smaller chunks, which are then combined in the digital front-end. This so called carrier aggregation is one of the most distinctive features of 4G mobile systems. In this project, you will assess the effect of carrier aggregation in an LTE-Advanced system. You will start by implementing a MATLAB framework to simulate the LTE-Advanced front-end and explore the impact of employing several parallel ADCs by using a behavioral model of a high performance ADC previously developed at the IIS. Finally, you will evaluate different strategies to improve the performance of this parallel bank of ADCs both in the digital and in the analog domain.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester/Master students
Contact: Sandro Belfanti


Interest in mobile communications


60% MATLAB Implementation
40% Simulation/Theory


Qiuting Huang