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Battery Tester

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Short Description

Our bio-medical devices (wearable, implantable and semi-implantable) require rechargeable batteries. Before assembly, these batteries should be tested to ensure good operation. They could be damaged from being in storage for a long time or faulty from the factory, for example. In this thesis, the goal is to build a system to charge, discharge and hence test various Lithium-Polymer batteries and also to provide means to prolong their shelf life (regularly re-charging capabilities).

Things to learn in this Semester-thesis:

Knowledge about rechargeable battery and their "health"
PCB schematic and layout design
Software programming of a microcontroller

Status: Available starting Q2 2019

Looking for 1-2 Semester Thesis/Group Work students


Contact: Noé Brun


Experience with hardware design and embedded software is advantageous, but not mandatory
Motivation to provide own ideas and solutions


20% Concept/Planning
50% PCB Design
30% Embedded software


Qiuting Huang

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