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Bluetooth Low Energy receiver in 65nm CMOS

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Short Description

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is expected that the amount of objects capable of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication will rise exponentially in the upcoming years. Therefore, the design of power efficient BLE transmitter and receiver is crucial to enable them to be embedded in low-power nodes.

We are looking for students (Semester or Bachelor thesis) to take part in our on-going design of a BLE receiver. The project could either be focused on an analog part of the chain or on the design and implementation of the digital algorithm that compensate for offsets and then decodes. Many blocks are still to be designed (for example an Automatic Gain Control, AGC) so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss about what you want to do and what is still available!

Status: Available

Type: Bachelor's Thesis or Semester Project for 1-2 student(s)
Contact: Jérémy Guichemerre, Thomas Burger


Analog Integrated Circuits (AIC) for an analog project
VLSI I for a digital project


20% Theory
40% Algorithm design / Simulation
40% Implementation


Mathieu Luisier

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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