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Event-Driven Computing

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What is Event-Driven Computing?

With the increasing demand for "smart" algorithms on mobile and wearable devices, the energy cost of computing is becoming the bottleneck for battery lifetime. One approach to defuse this bottleneck is to reduce the compute activity on such devices - one of the most popular approaches uses sensor information to determine whether it is worth to run expensive computations or whether there is not enough activity in the environment. This approach is called event-driven computing. Event-driven architectures can be implemented for many applications - From pure sensing platforms to multi-core systems for machine learning on the edge. At IIS, we cover most of these application. Besides working with novel, state-of-the-art sensors and sensing platforms to push the limits of lifetime of wearables and mobile devices, we also work with cutting-edge computing systems like Intel Loihi for Spiking Neural Networks to minimize the energy cost of machine intelligence.


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