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Channel Estimation and Equalization for LTE Advanced

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Channel Estimation and Equalization for LTE Advanced.jpg

Short Description

LTE Advanced, the latest 4G mobile communications standard, will provide data rates of up to 3Gbps. It employs OFDM as a highly effective way to deal with frequency selective channels. For optimal performance an accurate channel estimation is crucial to reconstruct the transmitted symbols. Your task will be the development and hardware implementation of a channel estimator and equalizer for LTE Advanced. You will compare existing algorithms in MATLAB and come up with an efficient solution suitable for hardware implementation.

Depending on your preferences you can the either start working on a novel algorithm in MATLAB or you implement your solution in VHDL, perform the back-end design such that the resulting chip can be manufactured in high-end CMOS technology. During this thesis you will get an insight into the most advanced mobile communications standard (LTE Advanced), OFDM, channel estimation algorithms, as well as VLSI design.

Status: No Longer Available


MATLAB and VHDL is an advantage


50% VHDL
30% Simulation/Theory
20% ASIC Implemenatation


Qiuting Huang