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There is so much your camera does for you

Hiding in the preferences of the camera there are thousands of small knobs that help you adjust the color and tone of the picture. They differ from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer

Too many options

How the color gets interpreted is always tricky. There are a number of default modes for every camera that sets a different mood for you. In the backgrtound you end up adjusting different parameters such as

  • Sharpening
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Hue

In essence all the modes are different settings for these parameters, and most cameras will allow you to tune it additionally, allowing you to develop your own look.

If you notice, independent things like exposure compensation will also adjust some of the settings you can change here. Also some settings work better with different light, i.e. Vivid, extra contrasty and bright colors look better in sunshine, and not so good in darker settings, but that is also a personal taste sometimes.

Some examples

I have taken the following shots in rather quick succession using a Nikon D500 and a Nikon 105 with manual settings. As you can see the colors are a bit different


Lake standard.jpg


Lake neutral.jpg


Lake vivid.jpg


Lake flat.jpg


Lake portrait.jpg


Lake landscape.jpg

These pages are for Amateur Photographers and not really for seasoned photographers and professionals. I have no affiliation or commercial interest with any brand/make. I write from my own experience. I ended up using mainly Nikon, so I am more familiar with this brand than others. See price for notes on pricing as well as photography related links.