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Creating a Compact Power Supply and Monitoring System for the Occamy Chip (1-3S/B/2-3G)

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Status: Available


We recently taped-out Occamy, (,, a large-scale manycore chip featuring more than 400 cores. Occamy has a massive power consumption of over 100W (>130A at 0.8V) distributed over 11 power domains. Supplying the required power lets us face multiple challenges:

  • We have to supply over 130A of current at very low voltages
  • We have 11 independent supplies
  • The supplies need to be turned on in a given sequence
  • We want to monitor every supply closely


In this project, you will design and create a power supply PCB for Occamy. It will feature 11 power supplies controlled and monitored using I2C. The board should contain a facility to safely control and bring up the supplies in the proper sequence (uController or FPGA).


  • 30% Design of the Power Supply board
  • 30% Solder and test the board, program the device controlling the power-up sequence
  • 40% Characterize your supply, improve the design if required and create a second version.


  • Preferred: PCB design and soldering experience
  • Preferred: Prior knowledge of FPGAs or uControllers