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DMA Streaming Co-processor

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The streaming processor would act as a co-processor for the DMA in the PULP cluster.

Short Description

In many cases a lot of resources are consumed during a preprocessing phase in which the raw data coming, e.g., from an image sensor is transformed in a proper way before being fed to the main processing algorithms. This preprocessing, in many cases, could be done very efficiently while moving the data through the memory hierarchy (e.g. L2 -> L1 transfers).

Like other processors, the PULP platform provides a standard DMA controller for efficient data transfers. In this work, we are going to design a streaming co-processor for the DMA with limited programmability. This co-processor could then perform such tasks on-the-fly when the data is being copied.

Potential application candidates include signal filtering for audio/motion sensor, sub/over sampling, color scheme conversion, image filtering, ciphering and compression/decompression.

Status: Available

Scope: Semester or Master Thesis
Looking for 1-2 Interested Students
Supervisors: Michael Schaffner, Michael Gautschi, Antonio Pullini


Basic Computer Architecture Course
Matlab, VHDL and C++


10% Theory & Literature Study
20% Evaluations
70% Hw Architecture & ASIC Implementation


Luca Benini


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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details

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