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===Status: Available ===
===Status: Available ===
: Looking for Interested Students
: Looking for 1-2 Semester / Master Thesis Students
: Supervisors: [[:User:magnom|Michele Magno]]
: Supervisors: [[:User:magnom|Michele Magno]]

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Short Description

In recent years battery operated embedded devices such as wearable device are growing on a wide range of application and volumes. Usually these devices are equipped with several sensors such as accelerometers, acoustic MEMS, temperature and other. For power consumption constrains images sensors are rarely used. In fact image sensors are usually power hungry sensors able to capture images and video very well but with high power budget. For this reason the power consumption is a key factor and ultra low power image sensors can play an important role in this type of devices and in general in battery-operated embedded system.

Your task will be to connect an analog ultra low power image sensors (4mW) with a ultra low power microcontroller MSP430 from Texas Instruments, write the firmware needed to capture an image, store the image on the non volatile RAM on board of the microcontroller and perform simple image processing. Finally measurements of power consumption in all the steps from acquisition to the processing will be evaluate.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester / Master Thesis Students
Supervisors: Michele Magno


C Language
Interest in Computer Architectures at system level


20% Theory
60% Firmware
20% System integration and measurements


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details