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Design of a Fused Multiply Add Floating Point Unit

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Short Description

Floating point units (FPU) are one part of a micro-processor and usually directly integrated in the pipeline. In a multi-processor environment one private FPU per processor core is not the most energy efficient implementation because floating point (FP)-operations are not always used which means they remain idle for lots of cycles. Sharing FPUs among the processors is expected to improve the utilization of the FPUs and therefore reduce the overall power consumption of the system. We have already designed a FPU unit with support for FP-additions, FP-subtractions, and FP-Multiplications and shared in a multi-core cluster PULP. Since it is a simple architecture, it consumes only little area and gives only little area savings when it is shared in a cluster.

In linear algebra we often face multiply-add operations which could be very efficiently handled by an FPU which is capable of doing multiply-add in a fused unit.

Your task will be to come up with an hardware efficient architecture for a fused multiply-add FPU, implement it in System Verilog and plug it to the RISC-V processor.

Status: Available

Supervisors: Michael Gautschi, Michael Schaffner


Interest in Computer Architectures
System Verilog knowledge


25% Theory
50% ASIC Design
25% Verification


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details