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Design of low mismatch DAC used for VAD

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Voice activity detection (VAD) is a hot topic in nowadays IoT system that can be used for keyword spotting, speech recognition and audio recording. IoT nodes require rich data information out of analog sensor interface accompanied by low noise and low power consumed in the analog part. As an essential part of analog sensor interface, capacitive DAC with low mismatch and calibration is needed for the project. During this interdisciplinary project, along with the analog design, design, synthesis and implementation of digital FSM is also required. Hence, having a background of VLSI1 is a plus, while having basics of analog integrated circuits is necessary.

Status: Available

Looking for semester and master project students
Supervisor: Hesam Omdeh Ghiasi <>


  • Analog integrated circuits
  • VLSI is a plus


  • 20% Literature review
  • 20% Theory
  • 60% Simulation


Prof. Taekwang Jang <>


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