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[[Category:Master Thesis]]
[[Category:Master Thesis]]

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Short Description

The goal of this project is to employ TCAD simulations to explore the performance limit of InP-based DHBTs, including their cut-off frequencies, breakdown voltages, vertical and lateral scalabilities, etc.

The Big Picture

Ultrafast semiconductor devices are rich in potential for both scientific and technical applications, because electronic systems operating in low THz frequency range would offer great cost and portability advantages. In collaboration with the experimentalists, a multi-scale simulation environment has been developed to explore the design space of InP-based DHBTs. This multi-scale framework is composed of DFT, tight-binding, hydrodynamic and NEGF theories. Leveraging this simulation scheme, various DHBT systems could be simulated and potential design ameliorations could be proposed.

Type of Work

Theory & TCAD simulation

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Master student
Interested candidates please send an application including CV, cover letter and academic transcript to: [ Xin Wen]
ETH Contact: Mathieu Luisier


We are seeking a candidate with a strong interest TCAD simulation as well as basic knowledge in solid state physics, quantum mechanics and Matlab programming.


Mathieu Luisier

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