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Development Of A Test Bed For Ultrasonic Transducer Characterization (1 S/B)

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Polymere transducer during testing

Short Description

Evaluation and tuning of ultrasonic transducer performances can be realized with the help of a test bench. This setup consists of a physical test bed with the transducer and associated components such as a vector network analyzer, amplifiers and electrical matching networks. A virtual environment models the behavior of these networks. Individual network blocks are built and cascaded as single blackbox models using Python scikit-rf

Due to the intended modularity of the system in soft- and hardware, we can guarantee a high flexibility of the setup. This means that the system can be adapted in operation for a wide variety of transducer types and setups.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Semester/Bachelor students
Contact: Christoph Leitner, Federico Villani


Analog Mixed Signal Design
Network Theory (helpful but not required)
Python (packages: numpy, scipy, scikit-rf)
PCB Design


20% Literature research
40% Programming
30% PCB design
10% Testing


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description

The main goal of this work is to develop a modular system for the characterization and tuning of ultrasonic transducers both in hard- and software.

Modulor - Le Corbusier (adapted from:


  • Development of a customized PCB design for the connection of a vector network analyzer (VNA), bidirectional coupler(s), amplifier(s), matching network(s), and the device under test (transducer)
  • Characterization of the network blocks using a VNA (Frequency and Power Analyses)
  • Implementation of a modular design in software: Network blocks + building a cascaded network
  • Simulation and test

Practical Details


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