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Development of a syringe label reader for the neurocritical care unit

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Short Description

In intensive care units, patients are medicated using automated syringe pumps as well as single-use syringes. Whereas the syringe pumps only provide information on the administered drugs through a proprietary interface, the information from the single-use syringes has to be written down manually. To make both information sources available on a central data collector, they have to be again manually copied from the labels on the syringes. This is laborious and error-prone and complicates the already complex workflow of the intensive care staff. A more elaborated solution would greatly reduce this workload and thus improve the treatment of the patients.

Within this project, you will built such a system. It should be able to quickly and robustly scan the labels and provide the required medication information through an open interface to the central data collector. The project will involve following key features:

  • Exploration and implementation of the best way to scan the labels (e.g. using a Raspberry Pi)
  • Construction of a mount suiting the various syringe shapes and incorporating the scanning unit
  • Realization of an interface to the Linux-based data collector

During the project you will get insights into intensive care, image processing and interface design. A successful implement of the system will improve patient care by reducing the workload on the intensive care staff.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester students
Supervisors: David J. Mack


30% Programming
30% Image and Video Processing
30% Hardware


Linux skills


Qiuting Huang
Emanuela Keller

Useful information

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