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Development of an implantable Force sensor for orthopedic applications

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Spinal fusion surgeries are considered the gold standard treatment for many spinal pathologies, despite vague or missing quantitative metrics to measure progress. Despite the frequency of these interventions (~1.62 million / year in the US alone), outcomes are often associated with high complication rates. Complex, costly and painful revision surgeries are required far too frequently. Real-time health monitoring systems have the potential to effectively address this problem. Heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose monitoring are a few examples that have brought transformational advantages in terms of accurate, individualized, and timely patient-centered care. Unfortunately, real-time monitoring technology has yet to make its way to clinical orthopedics. Care still relies on intermittent radiographic imaging techniques to gauge the postoperative structural health of the operated implant joint-complex. Conventional imaging techniques and clinical assessments are merely “timely snapshots” and assessing the commissioned data is subjective, non-specific, and lacks biomechanical insight. Wireless, smart implants have the potential to exponentially outperform current treatment options. The goal of this project is to develop a spinal implant integrated with smart technology for real-time monitoring of spinal forces to allow for patient-tailored rehabilitation and force controlled activity management. These smart implants are essential for identifying the source and mitigating pain, restoring stability, and minimizing postoperative complications. This project is available for both a semester project or a master thesis. This is mostly an experimental project. It will consist of electrical testing of the chip, simulations and analysis. A more detailed project description will be provided tailored to the type of the project (master or semester).

If the project goes well, there is the chance to publish a scientific paper.

Status: Available

Looking for master or semester thesis students
Supervisor: Rosario Incandela <>


  • The student should have taken the analog electronics courses (AIC and EEAIC) for a basic understanding of the circuits.


  • 20% Literature review
  • 20% Theory/Analysis
  • 60% Measurements/Simulations


Prof. Taekwang Jang <>

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