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Efficient Digital Signal Processing in High-Channel-Count High-Frame-Rate 3D Ultrasound Imaging Systems

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Short Description

Ultrasound imaging is an important biomedical technique for analyzing soft tissues in the human body, with both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. IIS is involved in a project developping a high-performance portable 3D ultrasound platform. It will work with linear or 2-dimensional multi-excitor transducers. Portability requires low-power solutions. The goal of this Master project is an ASIC which performs digital processing of the reflected signals received by the piezzo-electric transducers. The basic idea is to delay and add the received pulses in order to collect all energy stemming from one single point. This is called receive beamforming. Per excitation pulse, this can be done for many points, which leads to enormous amounts of data. An intelligent algorithm in the ASIC shall pre-process this data in order to compact it for the transport to the imaging system. A special challenge pose the high-speed output pin drivers. In case of interest in analog design, investigations and a dedicated layout implementation are welcome.

This project is sponsored by UltrasoundToGo Nano-Tera Project

Status: In Progress

Student: Pascal Hager
Supervision: Norbert Felber


30% Theory and Algorithms
40-70% ASIC Design
0-30% Analog Design (pin drivers)


Luca Benini

Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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