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Energy Efficient SoCs

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An overview of the family of PULP SoCs.

Energy Efficient Systems on Chip are one of the group's flagship research topics. With an increasing demand for near-sensor processing, the energy-boundedness of embedded IoT devices becomes an issue. The goal of this particular research field is to come up with new architecture for high-performance heterogeneous compute platforms that push the limits of energy-efficiency for digital signal processing and embedded machine learning applications. Under the brand PULP (parallel ultra low power) we are actively developing several single and multi-core RISC-V SoC architectures that combine the versatility of parallel general-purpose computing with the energy efficiency of application-specific hardware accelerators.

As part of our research activities we regularly tape-out PULP based SoC in various sizes, from smaller student tape-outs incorporating novel hardware accelerators to larger multi-cluster SoCs. On [1] you will find more details about this particular research aspect of the digital circuits group.

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