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Short Description

To promote the engineering profession and studies in (primary+) schools we're developing an interesting edutainment system for kids together with the PR of D-ITET and wyss zurich. The idea is to create a playful, central interaction system accompanied by distributable modules for the kids to solve and play with. We're looking for interested students to develop the electronics part of the project. Envisioned is a central base station which will coordinate and connect the different mini-tasks together in order for a whole group or class to achieve a common goal. This thesis involves the design of this central system as well as a generic, modifiable module system. As an example to demonstrate the system, one of such a module should be implemented. An idea for such a module is a labyrinth-style maze where the kids can "program" a sequence of steps to get from A to B and hit 'go' to see if they succeeded (which should hint at the notion of very simple programming). Other ideas are welcomed and also possible, as long as they fit the requirements.

Things to learn and do in this Semester-thesis:

Analogue and digital circuit design
Sophisticated software concept including Bluetooth Beacons
Classic engineering tasks
Modular and creative thinking
Interdisciplinary field (educational working/thinking) with children
If the work is promising, extended paid work after the thesis is possible

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Semester Thesis/Group Work students
Contact: Noé Brun


Experience with hardware design and embedded software is advantageous, but not mandatory
Interest in creative electronic design


30% Concept and design
30% PCB design
40% Software and test


Qiuting Huang

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Practical Details



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