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EvalEDGE: A 2G Cellular Transceiver FMC

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The evalEDGE 2G cellular transceiver FMC module.
Testbed setup with L2/L3 processing on ZedBoard (top), double RF on evalEDGE v1.0 (middle), and DBB on ML605 (bottom).



Benjamin Weber
Stefan Zwicky
Harald Kroell


Hasler Stiftung




The PCB board evalEDGE is an FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) module with RF support for 2G cellular communication. It holds 2 RF transceiver chips, a power amplifier, and power control logic. The RF transceivers can be configured jointly or independently to support receive diversity and downlink dual carrier scenarios, respectively. The evalEDGE FMC module was used jointly with a ZedBoard and an ML605 for receiver characterization in [1]. The evalEDGE board itself has been published in [2]. The current evalEDGE version is v1.0. However, it has been superseded by the evaLTE board, which offers not only 2G but also 3G and 4G transceiver functionality.


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[2] B. Weber, H. Kröll, S. Altorfer, and Q. Huang, "Cellular Baseband Development Platform with an open RF Interface," in 2015 Wireless Innovation Forum European Conference on Communications Technologies and Software Defined Radio (WInnComm-Europe 2015), Erlangen, Germany, Oct. 2015, pp. 26–30.