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Heterogeneous Dual Core.png

Short Description

In traditional energy harvesting applications, sensor nodes are able to store any excess energy in a storage device such as battery or supercapacitor for future use. A correctly dimensioned system will guarantee the node’s operation during periods of energy unavailability. More recently, a radically different research line has emerged which focuses on batteryless, energy-driven sensor nodes. These nodes are designed to work with transient energy sources, i.e. highly volatile sources which produce small bursts of energy. As a result, the node’s operation is highly sporadic, depending entirely on the source’s energy availability.

The main goal of this project is to exploit an emerging heterogeneous architecture to reduce the energy required by a batteryless node performing complex tasks such as image acquisition and processing. This combines both

Depending on the student's profile and interest, the main tasks can include:

  1. Develop interface with low power image sensor
  2. Implement basic image processing algorithms (optical flow, people counting)
  3. Characterize power/energy consumption of the heterogeneous systems
  4. Implement firmware for bateryless operation
  5. Design PCB for a full prototype
  6. Test final design in real-world scenarios


You should have experience with Matlab and be familiar with embedded C programming.
Knowledge about microcontrollers would be an asset.

Status: Completed

Spring/Fall Semester 201X (sem1XhY)
Student 1, Student 2


30% Theory
50-60% Implementation
20-10% Testing

Practical Details