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IoT Lora Gateway.png

Short Description

The Internet of Things will provide the possibility to connect a large number of devices to the internet. In many applications, such as infrastructure monitoring, smart building, and smart cities, one of the key enabling technologies will be long range communication. LoRa has recently emerged as Low Power Wide Area Network technology that can offer low data rate communication with a range in the order of kilometers. In our lab, we have several prototypes of batteryless sensor nodes which we want to deploy in a wide area network.

The main goals of this thesis is to interface our existing sensor nodes with a LoRa module. Depending on the student's interests, the project may involve the following tasks:

  • Integrating a LoRa radio in a batteryless sensor node
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Developing an internet gateway to publish received sensor data, based on a single board computer (i.e. raspberry pi or beaglebone)
  • Deploying a small network (<5 nodes) and measuring relevant network statistics, such as energy consumption, packet success rate, range, etc.


You should have experience programming in C.
Knowledge about microcontrollers would be an asset.

Status: Completed

Spring/Fall Semester 201X (sem1XhY)
Student 1, Student 2


20% Theory
50-60% Implementation
30-20% Testing

Practical Details