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Hardware Accelerator Integration into Embedded Linux

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Short Description

Systems On Chip (SoC) of the latest generation are a heterogeneous composition of various general-purpose processing cores and hardware accelerators tailored to solve specific tasks. In such systems, computationally intensive algorithms can be offloaded to accelerators to allow for a more efficient execution. One such accelerator determined to solve Gaussian Message Passing algorithms in an efficient way has been developed at IIS recently [1].

The goal of this project is to integrate this accelerator into the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC on the ZedBoard [3]. The accelerator will be provided in form of a synthesized VHDL model and a bit-true Matlab model. In order to instantiate the accelerator in the programmable logic part of the Zynq device and to interface it from the processing system using the AXI bus system [3], you will first equip the accelerator with the required AXI plugs. You will then setup an embedded Linux system on the ZedBoard and finally, you will write a simple Linux driver for the accelerator. At the end of the project, you will be able to control the accelerator from the command line of the Linux system.

Status: Available

Looking for Interested Students
Supervision: Harald Kröll, Pirmin Vogel


20% Theory/Matlab
40% FPGA Design
40% Embedded Linux


VHDL, C, Linux


Luca Benini
Qiuting Huang


[1] A Signal Processor for Gaussian Message Passing
[2] ZedBoard
[3] ARM AMBA Specification
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