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High resolution, low power Sigma Delta ADC

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Project Description

Bioelectronics sensors and lab-on-chip (LOC) have become crucial due to COVID-19. These technologies provide compact and portable devices for quick and accurate testing. LOCs are ideal for point-of-care testing and rapid response to outbreaks. Bioelectronics sensors and LOCs need various electronic blocks and nearly all of them need analog to digital converters (ADCs) to be able to process the data.

ADCs used for Bioelectronics sensors and LOC need high resolution, low power and small area. continuous time sigma delta ADCs (CTSD ADC) have an inherent anti-aliasing filter, low power, and high resolution, making them ideal for these applications

This project explores the CTSD ADC from system level up to layout to be able to reach ENOB >= 10 bits with small power and area.


  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • MATLAB/Simulink experience
  • ADC Course or equivalent (desired not required)

Project components

  • 10% Literature research
  • 20% MATLAB/Simulink modelling
  • 40% Schematic Design
  • 30% Layout

Background material

  • Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters by Shanthi Pavan; Richard Schreier; Gabor C. Temes
  • SIGMA-DELTA CONVERTERS Practical Design Guide 2nd ed. by JOSÉ M. DE LA ROSA


Last update: 07.02.2023

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