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Improved Reacquisition for the 5G Cellular IoT

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LTE Cat-M1 Power Consumption over time in discontinuous reception [1].


LTE Cat-M1 (eMTC) is a 5G cellular standard optimized for low power consumption and low cost. It is aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT) where battery lifetimes of up to 10 years are required for some applications.

To conserve energy, cellular devices try to minimize the time they actively receive data from the network. Even when they are 'connected' they only receive at certain pre-defined moments (paging occasions) and are in stand-by most of the time. The range between these moments can range from milliseconds to multiple minutes for low-power operation.

To further improve the energy-efficiency, new signals have been proposed in Release 15. They try to reduce the amount of time spent receiving at each of these paging occasions.

Project Description

During this thesis, you will study the benefit of using these signals using our existing LTE Matlab framework. In a second step, you will investigate efficient algorithms and architectures to process them and implement them for our IoT Modem.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 Bachelor/Semester/Master students (variable scope of project)
Contact: Stefan Lippuner


An interest in wireless communication and signal processing
Matlab programming experience
VHDL experience for a hardware implementation (VLSI I lecture)


Qiuting Huang

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[1] Image:, 2018

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