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Integrated Devices, Electronics, And Systems

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Welcome to the Integrated Devices, Electronics, and Systems (IDEAS) Group

The IDEAS group focuses on three main research areas.

The RF/mm-​Wave/THz circuits and systems cluster addresses the challenges of 5G/6G communications and sensing through high performance circuit and system designs. We are particularly interested in systems with wide bandwidth, high energy-​efficiency, low latency, and security.

The Bioelectronics cluster designs circuits and hybrid systems to address challenges in medicine and healthcare through the combination of circuit design, post-​processing, microfluidics, and packaging.

The Emerging Technology cluster explores the use of novel devices with integrated circuits and systems to address new applications, such as quantum computing, quantum sensing, and electronics-​photonics integration.

The IDEAS group is lead by Prof. Hua Wang and is part of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich.

Available Projects