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Integrating an Open-Source Double-Precision Floating-Point DivSqrt Unit into CVFPU (1S)

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Status: Completed


CVFPU block diagram [1]. CVFPU is a modular floating-point unit (FPU) in which each operation group block can be instantiated through a parameter.

Floating-point (FP) arithmetic is fundamental for a large set of applications spanning from high-performance computing to neural network training. A flexible highly-parametrized open-source floating-point unit (FPU) called FPnew (today known as CVFPU) [1,2] has been developed at IIS.

FPnew is optimized for high-performance and energy efficiency. It is internally organized in modules, each one carrying out one operation group (add/mul, divsqrt, cast, comparisons, dot-product).

Recently, T-Head open sourced a set of processors. The goal of this project is to evaluate the double-precision DivSqrt unit included in the open-source T-head OpenC910 [3] processor and integrate it into CVFPU.


  • Investigation of the T-Head OpenC910 FP DivSqrt module and its fundamental blocks
  • RTL integration of T-Head OpenC910 FP DivSqrt module into CVFPU
  • Evaluation of the FP DivSqrt module and the enhanced CVFPU

Project Breakdown

  • 20% Architecture review
  • 40% RTL implementation
  • 40% Evaluation


  • Strong interest in computer architecture
  • Experience with digital design in SystemVerilog as taught in VLSI I
  • Experience with ASIC implementation flow (synthesis) as taught in VLSI II


[1] Mach, S., Schuiki, F., Zaruba, F., & Benini, L. (2020). FPnew: An Open-Source Multiformat Floating-Point Unit Architecture for Energy-Proportional Transprecision Computing. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 29(4), 774-787. (



Status: Completed