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Interference Cancellation for EC-GSM-IoT

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Interference from other users or from other base stations are limiting cellular IoT coverage.

Short Description

To accommodate the expected needs of the cellular Internet of Things (cIoT), the 3GPP has standardized Extended Coverage GSM for the Internet of Things (EC-GSM-IoT) as an extension to the 2G standard. It aims to offer extended coverage, lower energy consumption and support for a vast number of devices. Meeting the interference requirements of this standard presents a challenge, for which no solution has been published yet.

In this project the tasks of Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI) and Co-Channel Interference (CCI) suppression and detection are presented and analyzed. Algorithms for ACI have been evaluated. The presented solution is able to surpass the EC-GSM-IoT requirements for all coverage classes (CCs) by at least 1 dB.

Status: Completed

Student: sem17h24
Supervision: Benjamin Weber, Mauro Salomon


Qiuting Huang