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Kinetic Energy Harvesting For Autonomous Smart Watches

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Short Description

Body Area Networks (BAN) have received significant attention in recent years and have found a wide range of applications, including wearable devices for fitness and health tracking, mobile communications, among others. Energy storage devices such as batteries continue to be a bottleneck in these small form factor devices, thus requiring advanced power management techniques to sustain devices’ increasing power and lifetime demands.

The idea behind this project would be evaluating and integrate a kinetic harvesting circuit to achieve and autonomous smart watch able to perform signal processing directly on board.

Depending on the applicant's profile and project type, his tasks may involve some of the following:

  • lab. testing/characterization of the existing prototype: verification of the prototype's characteristics w.r. design specification (simulations), measuring power-consumption, and assessing detection performance in lab. conditions
  • implementing the harvesting circuit to maximize the conversion efficiency.
  • programming the smart watch to perform power management and specific sensors application, field testing
  • revision of circuit-board design to make it suitable for integration in smart watch

Status: Available

  • Looking for Semester and Master Project Students
Supervisors: Michele Magno


(not all need to be met by the single candidate)

  • experience using the laboratory instrumentation - signal generators, oscilloscopes, DAQ cards, Matlab etc.
  • analog electronics and signal conditioning with operational amplifiers: amplifiers, filters, integrators etc.
  • knowledge of microcontroller programming (C, preferably Texas Instruments MSP430)
  • basic knowledge on audio signal processing is a plus.
  • basic understanding of fundamental pattern recognition concepts is favorable.


30% Theory
40% Implementation
30% Testing


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details