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LightProbe - Ultracompact Power Supply PCB

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Short Description

In the LightProbe project, we are exploring the next generation of medical ultrasound imaging systems: The LightProbe is a programmable ultrasound transducer head, which incorporates the entire analog frontend and directly outputs the captured digital samples. This allows the LightProbe to be directly connected to any commodity hardware (phone, tablet, workstation) for post-processing over a standard digital link as simple as a standard peripheral, like a camera. The LightProbe has two main challenges: The involved ten's of Gb/s data-rates produced by the frontend, which need to be processed and transported off-head, and the power/thermal constraints of such a high-performance handheld device.

The frontend requires around 10 different supply voltages up to +-50V, which need to be turned on/off in the right sequence. To reduce the number of external supplies, we want to generate all required voltages within the head, which imposes critical space constraints on the power supply PCB size. For aggressive power management, some supplies must be able to be turned off quickly and in the right sequence. A dedicated controller will be used to generate the control signals for proper sequencing.

In this semester project, you are going to design a ultra-compact power supply PCB (max ~3x5cm) using standard components. A basic schematic will be provided as a starting point. You will also have to design the controller responsible for proper sequencing.

This is a classic engineering project and ideal if you want to deepen you PCB design skills. Having done the PCB course is sufficient. No power electronics background required.

Status: Available

Looking for Interested Students
Supervision: Pascal Hager


10% Controller design
60% PCB design and optimization
30% Assembly and test


PCB Course


Luca Benini

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