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Current Prototype

Short Description

In the LightProbe project, we are exploring the next generation of medical ultrasound imaging systems: The LightProbe is a programmable ultrasound transducer head, which incorporates the entire analog frontend and directly outputs the captured digital samples. This allows the LightProbe to be directly connected to any commodity hardware (phone, tablet, workstation) for post-processing over a standard digital link as simple as a standard peripheral, like a camera. The LightProbe has two main challenges: The involved ten's of Gb/s data-rates produced by the frontend, which need to be processed and transported off-head, and the power/thermal constraints of such a high-performance handheld device.

The goal of this project is equip the existing LightProbe prototype with a Wireless LAN module to provide the system with a low-rate (Mbit/s) interface to connect directly with a mobile phone and tablet. We will be using a commerical WIFI module that provides an easy communication interface over SPI.

The tasks for the student are:

  • In a first step, the student will have to design, assemble and test a small and simple PCB.
  • In a second step, he will integrate the module into to exisiting demonstration system. This means programming the Microcontroller in the LightProbe to talk to the module (Drivers and Examples are provided) and write the required scripts/program on the receiving system (can be a laptop) to capture the sent data.

Status: Completed

Supervision: Pascal Hager


30% PCB
30% Microcontroller Programming
30% System integration (C/C++/Python programming)
10% Small FPGA modification (optional, depending on the students skillset)


C (C++/Python)
PCB Design Course


Luca Benini

Practical Details

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