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Low-Dropout Regulators for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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==Short Description==
Power management is a fundamental block in integrated circuits, especially for battery-operated systems such as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging transceiver which requires these Low-Dropout Regulators (LDO). LDOs are DC linear voltage regulators built to regulate an output voltage powered from a higher-voltage input. To supply the different building blocks of the MRI transceiver, two LDOs have to be designed. On one hand, an LDO which will be coupled with a DC-DC converter to supply most of the building blocks. On the other hand, an LDO dedicated to the reference oscillator responsible for delivering the main clock of the system. The latter will be more challenging with adjustable input and output voltages.

At the Integrated Systems Laboratory, we have designed similar circuits in an old technology. This project will have to be designed in 65nm CMOS.

===Status: Available ===
: Type: Bachelor's Thesis or Semester Project
: Contact: [[:User:Mocquard | Guillaume Mocquard]]

: Analog Integrated Circuits (AIC)

: 30% Theory
: 70% Circuit Design

: [ Qiuting Huang]
<!-- : [ Mathieu Luisier] --->

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==Detailed Task Description==

===Practical Details===
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