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Low-power time synchronization for IoT applications

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Short Description

Wireless receivers need to estimate the beginning of the data packet within the received signal as otherwise entire transmitted information is lost. This operation is called frame synchronization and it is essential for reliable communication. A common way to achieve frame synchronization is to send a special sequence, known to the receiver, called preamble. The receiver can then search for the preamble using a correlation filter. The goal of this project is to develop a novel synchronization algorithm for multi-antenna wireless systems and implement it in hardware while minimizing area and power.

Status: Available

Looking for 1 Semester/Master students
Contact: Darja Nonaca


Matlab or Python
Familiarity with the basics of digital communication is recommended but not strictly required


50% MATLAB simulation
50% VLSI Implementation and Verification


Christoph Studer

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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