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Low Power Embedded Systems

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Short Description

Wearable and sensing technology is gaining popularity, with people wearing and surrounded by everything “smart” from clothing to glasses and watches. In the following links you can find many interesting project working with sensors technology. The students can deal with design, hardware and software implementation and in-field evaluation of a novel sensor-rich smart wearable and IoT device with wireless interface and eventually powered by energy harvesting. Many of them are in collaboration with Swiss's companies that are interested in IoT and especially autonomous sensing systems

Depending on the applicant's profile and project type, his tasks may involve some of the following:

  • lab. testing/characterization of the existing prototype: verification of the prototype's characteristics w.r. design specification (simulations), measuring power-consumption, and assessing detection performance in lab. Conditions
  • Highlevel software programming, machine learning, wireless communication
  • programming the circuit for specific application, field testing, data acquisition
  • Designing PCB with micro-controllers, wireless interface, energy harvesting and sensors and test on the field.
  • Firmware implementation for low power and application.
  • Analog/digital design using discrete components.


(not all need to be met by the single candidate)

  • experience using the laboratory instrumentation - signal generators, oscilloscopes, DAQ cards, Matlab etc.
  • analog electronics and signal conditioning with operational amplifiers: amplifiers, filters, integrators etc.
  • knowledge of microcontroller programming and PC programming (C/C++, preferably microcontroller with Bluetooth Low Energy but it is not mandatory)
  • basic knowledge on signal processing is a plus.
  • plus is knowledge on printed circuit board (PCB) using Altium.

For a complete list of many cool project please go to the following links

Available Projects