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: [[:User:Kroell| Harald Kröll]]
: [[:User:Kroell| Harald Kröll]]
: [ Benjamin Weber]
: [[:User:Weberbe|Benjamin Weber]]
: [[:User:Zwicky|Stefan Zwicky]]
: [[:User:Zwicky|Stefan Zwicky]]
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* [  A Matlab Physical Layer Development Framework for OsmocomBB's GSM/EDGE protocol stack]
* [  A Matlab Physical Layer Development Framework for OsmocomBB's GSM/EDGE protocol stack]
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Top: Software architecture of the MatPHY framework. Bottom: Setup of MatPHY together with RX board, OsmocomBB and wireshark protocol analyzer.




Harald Kröll
Benjamin Weber
Stefan Zwicky


ETH Zurich




The open source GSM protocol stack of the OsmocomBB project offers a versatile development environment regarding the data link and network layer. There is no solution available for developing physical layer baseband algorithms in combination with the data link and network layer.

In this project, a baseband development framework architecture with a suitable interface to the protocol stack of OsmocomBB is developed. With the proposed framework a complete GSM protocol stack can be run and baseband algorithms can be evaluated in a closed system. It closes the gap between physical layer signal processing implementations in Matlab and the upper layers of the OsmocomBB GSM protocol stack. The functionality of the system is verified with a testbed comprising a base station and a receiver board with RF transceiver and FPGA.

The architecture of the baseband signal processing framework comprises a GSM physical layer implementation, referred to as phydev, and the interface phyconnect, which connects the mobile application of OsmocomBB, Phydev is a Matlab realization of the physical baseband receiver that is typically implemented on the baseband processor, assisted by accelerator blocks in dedicated hardware including TPU, digital frontend, detector and decoder.


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OsmocomBB GSM Protocol Stack", Proceedings of SDR'12-WInnComm-Europe, pp 127-132, 27-29 June 2012

  • Harald Kröll, Stefan Zwicky, Benjamin Weber, Christian Benkeser, Qiuting Huang, "Physical Layer Development Framework for OsmocomBB"

Springer Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Volume 73, Issue 3, pp. 301-314, Dec 2013