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Multisensory system for performance analysis in ski jumping (M/1-2S/B)

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Short Description

This project focusses on the development of an unobtrusive multisensory embedded system to assist coaches to better quantify jumping trajectories of athletes. Within the short duration of a ski-jump (< 10 seconds) and exposed to the conditions of nature (snow, wind, temperature) athletes must solve extremely difficult optimisation problems. Flight trajectories of athletes are decisive for victory in a ski jumping competition. They are influenced by the properties of the inrun, the take-off speeds, the applied forces, the athletes’ body position as well as ski edging angles during flight.

The challenge in this project lies in the combination and synchronization of the sensors and the wireless data transmission between the flying athlete and the coaching tower. In addition, due to the complexity of such a flight situation, the body-mounted sensors and devices must be tiny and barely perceptible to the athlete so as not to disturb his/her sensitive jumping system.

Status: Available

Students will be co-supervised by the Center of Project Based Learning.
Looking for 1-2 Semester/Master students
Contact: Christoph Leitner, Lukas Schulthess (PBL)


Embedded systems and PCB design


10% Literature research
20% Sensor interfaces
35% Embedded System Design
35% Wireless Communication


Luca Benini

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Detailed Task Description

The main goal of this thesis is to design, build and test a multisensory system to determine jump trajectories of athletes. The sensors should be able to record ski edging angles (e.g., using IMUs) and insole pressures (e.g. using piezoresistive sensors) during approach, take-off, and landing. The acquired data should be sent from the senor node to the coaching tower. According to the level of the student and the chosen thesis type (MT/BT/ST) the work will include some or all following tasks:



Sensors and Acquisition
  • Investigation and evaluation of various commercially available sensor technologies (IMUs, pressure sensors).
  • Evaluation of the attachment of sensors to skis and in boots.
  • Use an in-house multipurpose embedded systems controller (Vitalcore) to build & test data collection with sensors.
Communication and Data Transfer
  • Develop a data transfer strategy to
    • collect data from two different sensors, and
    • to transmit synchronized (raw) data to the coaching tower.
    • Use an in-house multipurpose embedded systems controller (Vitalcore) to test data transfers via BLE.
    • Test data transfer in ski jumping arena situation and revaluate transfer strategy if necessary.
Assembly and Test
  • Make a PCB board design for the readout system.
  • Design a casing to attach sensors system on the skis or shoes. Aiming for a minimalistic form-factor and weight.
  • Test, build and evaluate a working prototype in laboratory conditions and in a real-life environment.

Practical Details


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