Nikon D610

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The used full frame camera

24 Megapixel Full frame
I actually only recently bought this camera used as part of preparing these pages. There were many D700s available, but I wanted something else, and I ended up buying this one for about 450.


As mentioned I got this used for 450 in 2020. This is a modern high quality full frame camera, and that is a very good value. Do not be alarmed by used versions with shutter counts up to 50'000. These cameras are build to last and will serve you well.

The Good

  • As it is older, the price of it has dropped a lot, expect to drop further
  • Up to date full frame camera, very little to complain about

The problems

  • Still need a bit of time to figure out what the problems could be, so far nothing

These pages are for Amateur Photographers and not really for seasoned photographers and professionals. I have no affiliation or commercial interest with any brand/make. I write from my own experience. I ended up using mainly Nikon, so I am more familiar with this brand than others. See price for notes on pricing as well as photography related links.