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Physical Layer Implementation of HSPA+ 4G Mobile Transceiver

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Short Description

The High Speed Packet Access Evolution (HSPA+) communication system was proposed alongside the release-8 of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) system for the fourth generation (4G) of mobile communication. While the air interface of LTE is based on OFDM, that of the HSPA+ is based on WCDMA in order to facilitate a cost-effective network upgrade that is based solely on software upgrade without the need for replacing the operator's network equipment. In this project, the student will implement the various blocks of the physical layer in Matlab. Over the course of the project, the student will gain a very good understanding of the functionality of a standard-compliant physical layer of a mobile communication system. Possibly, the student can also investigate and analyze an interesting performance-critical block such as the channel estimation or equalization/detection gaining in-depth knowledge of the different possible techniques.

Status: Obsolete

Contact: Karim Badawi