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Positioning for the cellular Internet of Things

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The trend towards an omnipresent Internet of Things (IoT) enables numerous applications such as smart metering, weather monitoring, or cargo tracking. While stationary applications usually require no position information any tracking application needs knowledge about its position. In particular for cellular IoT [1] there are 3 options to attain position information:

Project Description

This project will focus on the first point, positioning using information provided by the cell. While there exist a few commercial providers of cell ID based positioning services the goal of this project is to enhance existing open source services such as [2] with missing functionality. The tasks can cover

  • Triangulation
  • Encryption
  • Positioning server software development

A pure implementation project or combined with algorithmic approaches is possible depending on the interest of the student(s).

Status: Obsolete

Contact: Benjamin Weber


[1] 3GPP. Release 13., 2016.

[2] An opencellid server using bottle and bottle-sqlalchemy., 2018.