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Precise Ultra-low-power Timer

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Timer ext ctrl.PNG
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The rapid growth of the internet of things leads to high demand for the continuous monitoring of environmental and biomedical signals. The circuits operate on the sensor node should be insensitive to temperature variation. Especially for on-chip timers, they have to have high frequency accuracies, meaning that they need to be insensitive to PVT variations and they have to have long-term frequency stability.

Project Description

  • Develop a control loop to compensate temperature variation of the on-chip timer.

Status: Available

Looking for Semester and Master Project Students
Supervision: Jiawei Liao, Giorgio Cristiano, Hesam Omdeh Ghiasi, Liza Zaper


  • VLSI I
  • Solid state device physics will be a plus


Prof. Taekwang Jang <>


Practical Details

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