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Signal Acquisition and Clock Offset Compensation for High-Rate Pulse UWB PHYs

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M.S. project in collaboration with 3db Access on UWB-based localization

Short Description

Ultra-Wideband has been recently reported by EETimes as one of the main pivotal events in IoT in 2019. After Apple quietly introduced the U1 chipset in its high-end iPhone 11, Volkswagen, the largest automaker, also unveiled first models using UWB for car access: the ID.3 and the Golf 8. As reported recently, the FCC certification number of the ID.3 key fob indicates that VW is implementing Low-Rate Pulse (LRP) UWB technology. By introducing this technology in a classical key fob, VW demonstrates the feasibility of an ultra-low power, low cost, provably secure, high link budget (communication range) and automotive qualified wireless ranging device simply powered from a small coin-cell battery: a technical achievement that was simply not possible a few years ago.

The goal of this M.S. project is to investigate frequency and carrier recovery approaches for signal acquisition of HRP UWB signals and clock offset compensation/tracking techniques for payload data decoding. The project will be carried out together with the startup company 3db-Access, a pioneer in secure low power single-chip UWB technology for the automotive industry.

Status: Available

Looking for 1-2 M.S. students
Contact: Christoph Studer


Communication Systems (or a similar course)
VLSI I (or a similar course)


20% Literature Research
80% System Development


Christoph Studer

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details



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