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Spatio-Temporal Video Filtering

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Spatio temporal filtering example where sparse flow vectors are converted to a dense flow-field (from).

Short Description

There are many image and video processing algorithms (e.g. calculation of Optical-Flow, or Image Domain Warps) that are usually solved using large optimization problems. The solution of such large optimization problems in real-time is difficult and sometimes even infeasible. However the mathematical structure of some of these problems allows us to approximate their solution by using non-linear filtering in the spatial and temporal domain. These filters scale better in terms of computational complexity than the corresponding optimization problems, and therefore would allow to perform certain video processing steps more efficiently. In this project we would like to evaluate different filtering kernels with respect to hardware efficiency, and develop an efficient hardware architecture which is capable of filtering a high definition video stream in real time.

The project is quite open at the moment and is suitable for Master and Semester Theses.

Status: Available

Scope: Semester or Master Thesis
Looking for 1-2 Interested Students
Supervisors: Michael Schaffner, Lukas Cavigelli


Introductory course in computer vision (optional)
Interest in computer graphics / computer vision
Matlab, VHDL and C++




Luca Benini


Disney Research Zurich

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Detailed Task Description


Practical Details

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